21 Sep Simiao Sun Presents at the 3rd UK InterPore Conference

Earlier this month Consultant Hydrogeologist, Simiao, spoke about Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) dynamics at the UK chapter of International Society for Porous Media (UK InterPore) conference at the University of Warwick.


Simiao Sun Presents at the 3rd UK InterPore ConferenceThe third conference and annual meeting of the UK chapter of the InterPore aimed to strengthen the porous media related research in the UK. The event focusses on creating synergy among UK-based researchers both in academia and industry, and to establish and maintain formal links with similar organisations in Europe and beyond.
Conference topics covered general themes on Porous Media, including different theoretical and experimental topics of the field and fundamental and applied aspects. The conference was this year held jointly with the 1st Monash-Warwick PREFRAC Workshop on Hydraulic Fracturing.
Offering a different perspective following presentations focused on theoretical and engineering advances in Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing, Simiao’s presentation provided a contaminant hydrogeological perspective. Titled, ‘Where is the LNAPL mass?’, Simiao discussed her own laboratory study on LNAPL dynamics in porous media under cyclic water table fluctuations.
The event provided an excellent opportunity to meet the community, discuss high-quality research papers and poster presentations and included speakers from a range of diverse disciplines, focusing on porous media and their characterization at different physical scales.
Find out more about the conference here and visit the InterPore website to find out more about their work and events.