Resource Planning for AMP6

Case Study

During 2012-13 we provided support to several water companies who were preparing their 25-year Asset Management Plans (AMP6), which were designed to show how they would manage the water resources in their area.

Water companies in England and Wales were required to prepare draft business plans by the end of March 2013. These needed to be supported by a 25-year water resource management plan. This required a comprehensive, strategic review of the water resources in their supply area together with the development of detailed plans at individual sources. Because many of our key staff have a detailed appreciation of the water resource situation in many aquifers across the country, they were in an excellent position to support water companies in a timely and efficient manner.


Projects in which our staff have supported water companies during this period include:

  • High-level reviews of potential impacts to support strategic environmental impact assessments
  • Detailed modelling of proposed changes to groundwater abstractions to assess potential impacts
  • Re-assessing source-reliable outputs
  • Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on deployable outputs
  • Reviewing sustainability changes proposed by the Environment Agency
  • A consideration of how catchment management could help control diffuse pollution
  • Desk studies of potential Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) schemes