Flood Risk Assessment: Motorway

Case Study

ESI, now part of Stantec, were commissioned to conduct an assessment of flooding in four main areas associated with a motorway in northern England.

An initial conceptual model of the key surface water and groundwater processes was developed, including a description of the uncertainty. From the study initial conclusions were that:

  • In two of the four areas disruption of the natural and anthropogenic surface water drainage system was most likely to be the cause of the flooding
  • In one area it was not possible to conclude whether surface water or groundwater were the cause, but it appeared likely construction was the source
  • In the fourth area, it was concluded that motorway construction was unlikely to have caused reported flooding

Recommendations were made for field investigation in all four areas. These included the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, excavation of trial trenches and inspection and CCTV survey of key motorway drain sections.


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