Risk Assessments for Wrexham County Borough Council

Case Study

We were commissioned by Wrexham County Borough Council to undertake preliminary contaminated land risk assessments of 26 areas of publicly-owned land and buildings within the County Borough in order to assess opportunities for future redevelopment and also as part of their duties under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


Wrexham County Borough Council undertook a review of publicly-owned land and buildings within the County Borough and commissioned ESI, now part of Stantec, to undertake preliminary contaminated land risk assessments for 26 sites including nursery schools, residential properties, primary and secondary schools, care homes, public open spaces, farmland, community centres and an industrial estate.


Each investigation involved reviewing various environmental data sets associated with both the sites themselves and the surrounding land area; undertaking a site visit; consulting with relevant third parties (including the Environment Agency); developing a conceptual understanding of the likely sub- surface conditions beneath the sites; and performing a preliminary assessment of any risks posed to people, buildings or the natural environment from the anticipated land quality at each site.


The information derived from the investigations therefore enabled a preliminary assessment of the potential contaminant risks posed to relevant environmental receptors, thus satisfying the Council’s duties under the Part IIA regime. The risk assessments were also used to clarify any brownfield development ‘constraints’ associated with each of the sites.


ESI produced individual reports for each site. These reports provided clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of any land quality risks that had been identified, including recommendations for any further work needed. An overarching summary report was produced which included a ranking of sites with regard to the degree of potential brownfield risks and uncertainties. All work was delivered on time and within budget and was positively received by the Council.