Redevelopment of Former Brickworks

Case Study

A residential development was planned at the site of a former brickworks and a bioremediation of contaminated soils was required. Our risk assessment increased the acceptable PAH content of the treated soils enabling the remediation programme to proceed without delay.

Our client wanted to reclaim a site, formerly used as a brickworks, for a housing development. The client required an assessment of the risks to groundwater and human health from restoration soils to be used for landscaping at the site, located in County Durham.


The brickworks had a long history of industrial use, including coke and tar manufacture, and the contaminated soils remaining were to be treated using bioremediation techniques.


Because of the previous site use, the critical contaminants in the soils were to be assessed for PAH compounds (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and the Environment Agency had indicated the acceptable maximum concentration of these compounds in the treated soils.


Risks from the remediated soils to groundwater were assessed using our in-house probabilistic risk assessment software (RAM).


Health risks to future residents of the housing estate were assessed using the RISC-HUMAN software package.
The assessment showed that there was no risk to groundwater beneath the site and that soils treated to the concentrations proposed would be below levels where adverse health effects could be expected.


The assessment allowed the client to increase the acceptable PAH content of the treated soils and complete the remediation program to plan.


The site development has now been successfully completed.