Detailed Assessment of Landfill for Improved Insurance Provision – Hertfordshire

Case Study

A key site in the green belt close to existing residential and commercial property had been earmarked by a client for potential sale from its former water resource use. Following construction of the nearby M25 motorway and associated feeder roads, the inert waste was dumped onto the site covering over both the remaining infrastructure in situ as well as two adjacent landfill sites.


The landfills had also been filled previously with hydrocarbons and asbestos and were in close proximity to a river and extensive water catchment area that already posed potential leakage risks into the local neighbourhood supplies, abstraction and ecology.


We undertook a detailed modelling of the groundwater and catchment watercourses in order to determine the level of risk for pollution regulation. By using our highly granular methodology and extensive field sampling techniques, we were able to more accurately calculate the potential for soil and groundwater pollution transfer.


In turn, this enabled the client to complete the land deal to an acquirer seeking planning permission for housing development on prime access routes. The robust analysis of actual soil conditions also meant that our client was able to make a more accurate future provision for liabilities and a substantially improved environmental insurance premium.