Inert Waste Recovery In Action

Case Study

We have an enviable success rate in obtaining EA approval for waste recovery and reuse activities. This is underpinned by our understanding of the prevailing guidance and our proactive engagement of EA technical and permitting staff.

Waste Recovery Plan Development

170,000 m3 of inert waste was placed upon an area of domestic and inert landfill. We supported the wider planning process, produced a Waste Recovery Plan, secured a favourable recovery decision and went on to prepare a successful Environmental Permit application which enabled final restoration of the site to a golf course.

Restoration of landfill to amenity space

A former landfill site was identified in the Local Area Plan to provide green access routes and amenity space. We worked with the client and the Forestry Commission to return the land to forestry use with public amenity access. Following strong representations in support of the Waste Recovery Plan, the EA approved a recovery permit covering 250,000m3 of inert waste. A full Environmental Permit application was subsequently prepared by us.

Complex site restoration scheme

We undertook a detailed analysis for a client in partnership with the Local Authority and the Forestry Commission. The scheme involved the extension of an existing raised landform to generate amenity space. Pre application discussions with the EA discounted the use of a waste recovery approach on the grounds of excessive waste volumes. A CL:AIRE CoP approach was therefore adopted in order to achieve a ‘non landfill’ outcome