Minerals & Waste

Case Studies

Our holistic view of mineral extraction and waste management activities through the lifecycle of a site can be seen through our wide range of work.


We provide ongoing support to mineral extraction sites with advice on water management and monitoring reviews, as well as long-term strategic plans. Our high level technical input and groundwater modelling capability is often a cost-effective way of proving environmental compliance.


We have completed work on mineral extraction sites in a range of settings including clay, sand and gravel pits, hard rock quarries, and coal and metalliferous mines.


For those involved in waste management the growing volume of statutory guidance presents a serious challenge. Policy changes in Europe promote re-use, re-cycling and a reduction in waste, whilst the landfill industry in England and Wales has now been brought under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.


We have a recognised track record in technical understanding and appreciation of the key issues. Our experience covers landfill design, field investigations, data management and long-term monitoring, and we have many years of experience in landfill hydrogeological risk assessment.