Minerals & Waste

"ESI provides good value for money. Their specialised capabilities in the field of hydrogeology gives them a competitive advantage over other consultants."
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Minerals & Waste

Constantly evolving environmental legislation and technical guidance mean getting the right advice is crucial.


We advise on environmental matters concerning mineral extraction, waste management and land restoration. Our cradle to grave approach supports clients through the key planning and permitting hurdles during a site’s lifecycle.

Environmental Support for Mineral Companies

Why work with us?

In-depth knowledge of current legislation and technical best practice allows us to guide clients through the planning, permitting and land restoration stages. Clients value our comprehensive technical skills combined with longstanding regulator relationships and commercial awareness.

A Cradle to Grave Approach

We take a holistic view of mineral extraction and waste management activities through the lifecycle of a site.

ESI Minerals and Waste Chart
Quarry Licensing & Support


For greenfield sites, we provide support in obtaining planning permission for mineral extraction through HIA, FRA, and surface water management services.


We deliver applications for abstraction and discharge consents and guide clients through the associated permitting process.


Our various operational support for active sites includes assistance with surface water and groundwater issues, the development of monitoring programmes and compliance monitoring.

Waste Permitting & Recovery


Our waste consultancy team provide support from initial feasibility and planning stages, through permit application and compliance, to site closure, restoration and divestment.


We are at the forefront of managing the environmental permitting process for waste recovery activities.


Our enviable success rate in obtaining permit approval is founded on an appreciation of emerging technical guidance and a high level of Regulator engagement.

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