"We wish to thank ESI for their very professional approach to the project which we have been very impressed by.”
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Global demand continues to put our energy resources under pressure. The development of reliable and sustainable supplies to ensure the UK’s future energy security is vital.


At the same time climate change increasingly drives the agenda for the need to develop low carbon sources or adapt to changing conditions.


In order to face these challenges, new regulations and smarter technologies have entered the market and operators are under increasing pressure to adapt.

Why work with us?

We provide a wide range of consultancy services, especially in the nuclear and renewables sector. Support includes environmental impact and flood risk assessments for planning applications for wind farms, biodigesters, solar PV and hydro-electric installations.


We also have a strong track record in assessing risk from waste and land condition within the nuclear industry.

Ground Source Energy

We are a leading Ground Source Energy practice with a proven track record of managing open and closed loop heating and cooling system projects for buildings.


Often commissioned as a specialist sub-contractor, our experts deliver specific tasks within the programme of works, alongside contractors and other consultants. We also have a strong track record in supporting clients with regulatory approval for Open Loop systems, particularly in London.

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

Although potentially a massive alternative energy source opportunity for the UK, operators face many complex regulatory hoops before planning approval.


We work with key energy clients who wish to obtain exploration licences through successful completion of environmental awareness statements, including:

  • Hydrological assessment
  • Groundwater abstraction
  • Waste water discharge consents
  • Water catchment sensitivity

Our comprehensive experience with the regulator ensures clients are in the most advantageous position ahead of achieving the freedom to explore.

Nuclear Energy

With proposed expansion of existing power stations and ongoing waste management issues, environmental performance of existing and new nuclear facilities is critical to operational management.


We have extensive experience in

  • Environmental due diligence
  • Planning conditions
  • Optimising remediation strategies
  • Understanding potential liabilities

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