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We are one of the leading resellers and developers of bespoke modelling software for groundwater, surface water and contaminant risk. We offer an unparalleled choice for the professional hydrogeologist and environmental scientist, as well as research institutes and universities.

Groundwater Vistas

The leading 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling software using the MODFLOW suite of codes. The latest version, GV7, comes in 4 levels – Standard, Advanced, Professional & Premium. Each has ascending levels of simulation, support and problem-solving. Groundwater Vistas is fully compatible with MODFLOW-SURFACT although this must be purchased separately (see below).

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A sophisticated Windows® program that supports the analysis of aquifer, slug and step tests. It evaluates test data using the derivative method and comes complete with WINFLOW, an analytical 2D groundwater flow and contaminant transport model. The software is also included with Groundwater Vista Professional.

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A unique groundwater software program which volumetrically delineates the groundwater pathway to, and areal source of, abstractions, drains, seepage faces and rivers.  FlowSource is designed to be an easy to apply post-processor for the MODFLOW suite of codes.

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Developed by HGL, this is one of the most comprehensive flow and modelling tools available for analysing subsurface systems. Built around the MODFLOW code, its robust algorithms ensure faster, more accurate processing than other similar software on the market.

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ESI’s Contaminated Land Statistical Calculator

The calculator supports the CL:AIRE guidance on the assessment of soil contaminant data. Practitioners can be confident they can obtain the same answers received by Local Authorities and supports tests on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).


A series of linked excel based macro supported worksheets allow fast and efficient data processing. Several datasets can be used to optimise your workflow.

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RAM3 is a powerful modelling tool designed to assess risks to water from contaminated land and landfills. It provides a customisable quantitative decision tool for brownfield redevelopment and environmental protection for the latest Environment Agency remedial target methodologies.

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A human health risk assessment software tool for contaminated sites. RISC5 can perform backward risk calculations for clean-up as well as the conventional forward risk calculation and can be used to estimate health impacts from up to nine exposure pathways.

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