Spill Response & Management

Every year there are over 10,000 reported pollution incidents in the UK.


Fuel spills, chemical spills, leaking tanks and other pollution incidents are likely to be damaging to the environment and are likely to require support from an environmental consultant with specialist skills and experience in dealing with chemical, solvent and fuel spills and leaks.


The sudden or undetected release of fuels or chemicals into the surrounding environment poses a distinct set of legal, technical and logistical challenges, which must be met in a structured and timely manner in order to enable appropriate management and response


It is important to act quickly and engage professional support if a business is responsible for a pollution incident. Our recommendations and guidelines have been prepared to limit the impact of the release and limit the responsibilities of the person or organisation responsible for the spill.


We are experts in land contamination and the consultancy team has extensive experience and technical knowledge of both pollution incidents and the remediation of contaminated land and or contaminated groundwater. In conjunction with partners, we have a track record in providing complete pollution incident response services through prevention planning; emergency contaminant and response; investigation and assessment; remedial design and clean up; and regulator negotiation, agreement and sign-off.

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