Radioactive Waste Disposal

Radioactive waste material has the potential to generate soluble products that may gain access to groundwater systems and discharge to surface water receptors.


Protection of groundwater and surface waters around radioactive waste disposal sites is paramount. Our team of hydrogeologists and modellers are able to undertake the necessary risk assessments to explore whether current or proposed waste disposal options are likely to cause environmental impacts.


In order to understand contamination risks to groundwater and surface water associated with radioactive waste disposal sites and radioactive waste facilities, an advanced risk assessment approach is necessary. Assessments use the accepted ‘source, pathway, receptor’ methodology; ‘source’ is the radioactive material, ‘pathway’ is the route by which contaminant migration could potentially take place within the made ground and natural geological strata, and ‘receptors’ are potentially sensitive environmental features (e.g. groundwater or surface waters) in the vicinity of the site.

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