Geotechnical Assessments

Understanding the engineering behaviour and therefore potential risks posed by soil and rock is what our geotechnical engineers do best.


Issues of strength and stability are assessed, designed and managed working closely with our contaminated land experts where required. From land divestment to property development, our team have the experience to design solutions which optimise your assets.

Looking after your assets

Geotechnical risks may arise from soft/weak ground, groundwater, landslides, mining and sinkholes to name but a few. Our assessments will provide you with effective solutions for proposed developments and restoration projects which will help to reduce total costs, optimise timescales and increase asset value.

Viable, safe and sustainable

Our areas of expertise include desk studies, site investigation, ground engineering design, monetised risk assessments and specifications. And when things don’t quite go according to plan, we can provide expert witness advice. Our services help make projects commercially viable, safe and sustainable which has been demonstrated across many recent projects.