GeoEnvironmental Risk Management

GeoEnvironmental Engineering is a combination of skills that draw on Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydrogeology, Flood Risk and Hydrology to manage ground related and environmental risks associated with the management and development of land.


In order to make development sustainable and affordable these skills should be deployed early in the development cycle so that commercial, reputational and programme risks can be addressed.


Our team has worked in partnership with public and private sector clients including developers, house builders, extractive industries, government agencies and local authorities to help them manage complex geoenvironmental problems.


In order to assess your project needs we will appoint a geoenvironmental specialist as your Project Manager who will coordinate our services and provide effective technical support for your team.


Our specialists have worked in numerous multi-disciplinary design teams and are expert in communicating clearly and effectively to make sure risks are fully understood and appropriately provisioned. Our experience of providing services to the environmental regulators (including the Environment Agency and Local Authority Contaminated Land Officers) gives a unique and powerful insight into their expectations which can help guide your development process and minimise the risk of protracted negotiations and planning delays.


Your project will also benefit from our programme of continuous innovation and the many software products that we have brought to market which help in the management of geo-environmental data and risk assessment.

Please contact us for more information on our GeoEnvironmental Risk Management service.