Regulators and Government Agencies

Government departments and regulators inevitably face conflicting pressures between centrally dictated requirements to reduce head count and the steadily growing body of increasingly technical guidance, regulation and legislation.


International NGOs managing overseas aid also demand tighter controls on how environmental programmes are being implemented. We have solutions that deliver worldwide.


We have a strong track record working with the Environment Agency and other national regulators to help meet these challenges. These include small- scale to the large-scale and include long and short term secondments, small desk studies and site investigations and major regional groundwater modelling projects.


We have a clear appreciation of the regulator’s position, which helps us to present our private clients’ submissions in a way that makes it easier for regulators to assess their implications quickly and efficiently.


Case Study

The Environment Agency commissioned us to update two of its regional groundwater models of the Chalk aquifer, the Vale of St Albans and the South-West Chilterns.


The aim was to capture aquifer and river flow behaviour through recent climatic experience, as well as to include any new abstraction licences. The project involved updating abstraction and climatic time series, running and checking the model and running predictive scenarios to derive potential water levels and flows. The updated models will be uploaded to the Environment Agency’s National Modelling Groundwater System (NGMS).


Local Authorities

Local Authorities have statutory duties when considering planning applications, and are obliged as regulatory bodies to ensure that the relevant legislation is complied with.


We have extensive experience of assisting Local Authorities to discharge their responsibilities in relation to contaminated land, under both the planning regime and Part 2A legislation.


We have conducted numerous pre-divestiture assessments of local authority owned sites identified for redevelopment, to the satisfaction of potential buyers. In all cases, we strive to become the Local Authority Officer’s ‘trusted advisor’ on both technical and procedural matters related to planning and Part 2A.



International Development Agencies / NGO Support

We have extensive project experience and auditing of Non-Governmental agency work on environmental management in relief and disaster areas across the world.

We have been particularly active across Africa, Asia  and South America with evaluation, assessment and technical support to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) development programmes.


Organisations include:

  • WaterAid: programme evaluations in Mali and Ghana
  • WaterAid Australia: set-up of monitoring and evaluation for government funded WASH programme in Tanzania, Malawi and Ghana.
  • CAFOD: Technical review of WASH programme funding proposals.
  • CAFOD: Mid-term review of DFID-funded programme in Africa, Middle East and South Asia.
  • DFID: WASH monitoring and verification funded through payment by results and implemented by consortium of NGOs.



  • Programme assessments provide learning opportunities for NGO staff and partners on the ground.
  • Practical and strategic recommendations for improvements enable better UK based quality control of work undertaken in-country
  • Mid-term reviews enable critique of best resource use and to allow confirmation of future funding by donors.


Main Activities

  • Water Resource Assessment
  • Technical Training on Water Resource Management
  • Programme Management Support
  • Strategic Development of Water and Sanitation Programmes

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