Expert witness support to a major engineering consultancy and insurance underwriter

Case Study

We provided expert witness services as the High Court appointed hydrogeological expert on behalf of a major engineering consultancy and insurance underwriter.


Extensive investigations and modelling studies were undertaken to analyse groundwater flows in the area and demonstrate the extent to which groundwater levels were influenced by several factors of relevance to the case.


Based on a transient regional groundwater MODFLOW approach, modelling techniques were utilised to discriminate between natural recharge and the effects of soakaway drainage on basement flooding. Expert opinion evidence and advice were presented on the groundwater flooding impacts following a retail supermarket development the area and the role of groundwater flow and subsequent changes to drainage systems.


The case included extensive engagement with committees of experts and visual demonstration, through groundwater modelling of the role of various influences on groundwater levels. This helped to ensure a balanced objective view of influential factors in a complex technical case.


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