Expert Witness Services

Land contamination, groundwater pollution, water resources, flooding and drainage


Our highly skilled team of senior specialists have experience in delivering expert witness support across a range of environmental specialisms. The expert witness team is supported by highly qualified consultants and technical staff, well-practised in supplying supporting documentation.

The courts and planning inspectors are reliant on the services of expert witnesses, whilst parties to the action may need the services of expert advisors to help develop their case. The quality and effectiveness of the expert services available are often crucial to the case outcome.


“I found Mr Streetly to be a very impressive witness. He provided his evidence clearly, calmly, precisely and impartially. The opinions he offered were based on relevant and appropriate local data. His evidence-based approach meant that he did not engage with speculation and generalisations in the presentation of his opinions.”


Our Services


We offer bespoke expert witness solutions, ranging from brief advisory services, to preparing extensive expert reports and giving evidence in court or at a tribunal. We can act as expert witness for both claimants and defendants across a wide range of civil litigations, arbitrations or criminal cases. Our expertise covers small, site- specific court cases, to some of the largest and most complex planning applications in the country.


We can provide independent expert opinion on:

  • Land contamination
  • Groundwater pollution
  • Waste management
  • Environmental permitting
  • Land remediation
  • Water resource management
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Flooding and drainage
  • Ground Source Energy


Our Experience


Our independent expert opinion has been applied to a wide range of projects, from small, site-specific court cases, to some of the largest and most complex planning applications in the country.

Land Contamination


Contaminated land dispute; building construction

Expert witness for a civil dispute associated with the use of inert waste materials in the construction of a large agricultural development. A targeted site investigation programme was coordinated to improve conceptual site understanding. Subsequent risk assessment informed opinions regarding the suitability of the imported materials, their potential to cause pollution and the culpability of the defendant in the context of prevailing UK legislation and technical best practice.


Asbestos risks and remediation requirements

Provided expert advice in relation to a civil court case associated with the alleged failure to identify asbestos contamination on a brownfield development site. Undertook a detailed review of all case information, including numerous phases of site investigation and risk assessment, multiple remedial options and their associated cost estimates. Provide expert opinion as to the validity of the negligence claim and offered supporting comment on a value engineered remediation scheme plus relevant cost estimates.


Contamination assessment for residential development

Provided expert opinion in relation to the adequacy of ground investigation and risk assessment works at a brownfield housing estate. Expert report written in support of the Claimant. Associated advice provided in connection to a related insurance claim.

Groundwater Pollution


Groundwater pollution resulting from waste recycling operations

Expert witness on a criminal case brought by the Environment Agency against a waste operator. Charges related to the operation of a facility without a suitable environmental permit and the pollution of groundwater. Provided expert opinion to the defendant’s legal team with regard to the suitability of past site operations and the likely cause of pollution.


Defence regarding PCB containment landfill facility

Expert witness for landfill construction contractor defending civil High Court action regarding PCB containment landfill facility. Hydrogeological investigations were undertaken and advice provided to legal counsel following review of third party reports and attendance at expert witness forum meetings.

Water Resources


Dispute Relating to Effects on Natural Mineral Water from Borehole Drilling

Expert witness for a Natural Mineral Water Company: The client was concerned that proposals to drill a borehole near to their source could jeopardise their Natural Mineral Water status and sought an injunction.  Provided an expert report to support the case which concluded in a mutually satisfactory settlement.


Changes to water table dispute

Hydrogeological expert witness acting as single joint expert in matters arising after the development of a housing estate in Yorkshire. This case focused on the changes to water table conditions caused by engineering works, including development of conduits associated with utilities services and building foundations.


Environmental impact dispute

Hydrogeological expert witness acting as single joint expert to Manchester County Court in relation to assessment of the nature and extent of canal leakage from Macclesfield Canal and impacts on adjacent land.


Defence of Water Resources Act Licensing Appeal

Hydrogeological expert witness in defence of a Water Resources Act licensing appeal. A water resources assessment evaluated the catchment water balance and potential impacts on surface water bodies arising from groundwater abstraction from a shallow minor aquifer. Negotiations were held with regulatory bodies and expert meetings held with appellant’s advisors to reach a successful defence of the client’s abstraction rights.

Flooding & Drainage


Support to a major engineering consultancy and insurance underwriter

Expert witness services were provided as the High Court appointed hydrogeological expert. Extensive investigations and modelling studies were undertaken and subsequent expert opinion evidence and advice were presented on the groundwater flooding impacts following a retail supermarket development and the role of groundwater flow and changes to drainage systems.


Review of insurance claims

Expert witness support regarding property flooding in Oxfordshire including reasons, responsibilities for drainage provision and potential solutions.

Each of our appointed experts have over 20 years’ experience in their specialist fields, with numerous investigations as Court appointed Experts.


Our expert witness team includes:

  • Mike Streetly BA MSc CGeol – Water Resources, Hydrogeology
  • Andy Singleton BSc MSc (Eng) – Land Contamination, Groundwater Pollution
  • Jon Cooke BSc MSc DIC CGeol SiLC – Geo-environmental Risk
  • Dr Paul Ellis BSc PhD CGeol FGS – Flooding, Drainage
  • Francis Crozier BSc(Hons) CEnv MCIWM FGS FIQ – Landfill, Waste Management, Environmental Permitting
  • Joe Gomme BA MSc CGeol – Groundwater Pollution, Landfill Risk
  • Bob Sargent CSci CEnv BA (Hons) MBA – Flooding, Drainage


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