Phase 2 Land Contamination Investigation

A site highlighted with potential problems from a Phase 1 land contamination report or a location known to have a potentially contaminative history will likely require a Phase 2 Site Investigation.


The purpose of the investigation will aim to quantify any land contamination based on in-situ data collected from the actual site which will then be interpreted and evaluated.

A Phase 2 study will confirm either way if the site poses an unacceptable risk to human health or the wider environment. It will also inform whether land remediation action is required. A Phase 2 assessment will incorporate the following:

  1. Review of all Phase 1 land data and investigations and refinement of conceptual site model
  2. Consultation with regulating bodies
  3. Intrusive Site Investigation for the collection of environmental samples to quantify contamination to BS10175 UK Government guidelines
  4. Risk Assessment / Report in order to assess the potential risks to human health and environmental receptors to UK Government specification CLR11
  5. The assessment is used to evaluate the need for and extent of remedial action necessary depending upon end use

Fixed price contaminated land Phase 2 proposals

We will provide a comprehensive fixed price quotation outlining all parts of the Phase 2 study and accurate costs. Our proposals are prepared so that the reader can fully understand exactly what the scope of the study will include or see the sizegenetics reviews. The consultancy team are aware of the need for studies to be conducted quickly and effectively to ensure that the process does not impact on the development. Each site location is different and the report will be developed on a bespoke basis.


We have introduced Rapid Site Investigations (Rapid SI) for Brownfield sites and other possible contaminated land sites which is tailored to meet the needs of clients that operate in the Financial and Property sectors (e.g. Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Auditing). A final report can be delivered from as little as 11 days from receiving formal instruction from the client.

Phase 3 land contamination remediation design

A Phase 3 assessment is undertaken if required after the Phase 1 and Phase 2 investigations and develops a land contamination remediation strategy to demonstrate how the site will be safely developed in respect to the land’s end use.


The consultancy team has an excellent relationship with the Environmental Agency and many Local Authorities which supports the process of delivering the right information, quickly and accurately.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.