Landfill Reporting

Emissions and monitoring of an environmental permit for a landfill site typically includes specific monitoring requirements for landfill gas, surface water, groundwater, and leachate (where appropriate) and is usually required on a quarterly and annual basis.


Our reports allow for a thorough review of the environmental monitoring data that has been obtained during the year and an assessment of any patterns or trends that are seen within the data, particularly in relation to any compliance level exceedances that may have occurred.

Services: Landfill Reporting

Our services to support landfill and waste site annual reporting include:

  • Environmental monitoring data management services
  • Collation of monitoring data into a secure database (with receipt of electronic data directly from the laboratory)
  • Manipulation and interpretation of monitoring data
  • Concise quarterly environmental monitoring reporting
  • Concise annual environmental monitoring reporting
  • Liaising and conducting dialogue with the Environment Agency with regard to emissions and monitoring


Our knowledge base of soil and groundwater science enables prompt and effective tackling and addressing of issues that arise at both new and existing sites in an innovative and practical manner. A proven track record and working relationships with regulatory authorities enables pragmatic discussions and satisfactory solutions when more complex issues arise.

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