Landfill Monitoring

We have frequently been retained to assist with the development of landfill monitoring networks, protocols and the establishment of data management systems. The range of chemicals that present a potential environmental threat is wide and varied, and it is important that monitoring points are correctly positioned and precisely installed to ensure that the data collected is sufficient and reliable.


Our consultants use their experience and expertise to build an understanding of the potential contaminant transport routes around a site and to design monitoring and sampling systems that meet the needs of the operator and of the regulator. Advice is provided on appropriate assessment criteria (control and trigger levels).


We provide bespoke support to landfill site operators and third parties on the improvement of monitoring networks and installations.

Services: Landfill Monitoring

  • The design of environmental monitoring networks and suitable borehole design specifications
  • Review and assessment of monitoring facilities – effectiveness, quality, sufficiency and positioning
  • Supervision of the installation of new monitoring facilities Identification of the reasons for unreliable or unrepresentative data
  • Production of monitoring protocols with due consideration of regulatory requirements, best practice and cost efficiency
  • Advice on appropriate monitoring suites for requisite surveillance On-going data management, analysis, interpretation and reporting


We will help you to ensure that your landfill monitoring is appropriate to the site, gives the appropriate data that provides indicators of any potential contamination and thus limits your environmental liabilities. Our considerable experience in soil and groundwater science enables us to do this in such a way as to minimise your recurrent costs for monitoring (which can be very high). Our working relationships with regulatory authorities enables pragmatic discussions and satisfactory solutions to be found where negotiation is needed.

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