Landfill Hydrogeological Risk Assessment

A site-specific hydrogeological risk assessment (HRA) must be included in all applications for an Environmental Permit (EP) for a waste disposal site. ESI, now part of Stantec, prepares hydrogeological risk assessments for landfill sites accepting inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste, in a wide and varied range of locations and geological and hydrogeological environments.


A technical approach to risk assessment has been carefully designed. We work closely with regulatory bodies and the industry as a whole on the development and application of practical risk assessment methodologies. Through the production of a robust conceptual model, based on a comprehensive desk study, the level of risk assessment appropriate to the site is determined. If required, a suitable computer model is developed to represent conditions as accurately as possible.


We have our own in-house modelling software package – RAM – in addition to other software packages. This software is highly versatile and enables a flexible approach in developing risk assessment models. RAM provides a robust and transparent assessment of risks using the source-pathway- receptor methodology and can incorporate a constant or declining source term.


Our transient version of RAM (known as TRAM) has been developed to allow the assessment of a landfill’s performance through time, taking into account changes to the engineering containment measures that are in place (e.g. geomembrane liners and landfill caps).

Services: Landfill Hydrogeological Risk Assessment

Our services to support hydrogeological risk assessments for landfill and waste sites:

  • Desk study and conceptual model development
  • Assessment of the level of risk and the complexity of the risk assessment required Construction of an appropriate computer risk assessment model
  • Interpretation and concise reporting of the results
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Engineering design optimisation

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