Human Health Risk Assessment

Land Quality issues can have serious implications for the health of current and future site users; local authorities have a duty to identify land that may cause a ‘significant possibility of significant harm’ (or SPOSH) to site users and ensure that the land is remediated to remove known risks to human health. Land Quality and the protection of human health is also a consideration in the planning process.


A Phase 1 land quality report is likely to be requested during the planning stage if there is a concern that there may be a risk to human health.


Human health risk assessment is used by local authorities, landowners, site developers, remediation contractors and consultants to demonstrate that land is suitable for its current or intended use and size genetics review. Our risk assessors can help to:

  • Ensure that land quality issues do not delay site development
  • Ensure that proposed developments will be protective of human health
  • Provide flexibility for site-specific remediation objectives, including robust justification for no action where appropriate

Services: Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Conceptual modelling to support human health risk assessment
  • Identification of source-pathway-receptor linkages (potential pollutant linkages)
  • Full familiarity with up-to-date regulatory guidance
  • Modelling approaches including CLEA v1.04, RISC4, RBCA, RISC-HUMAN
  • Development of generic assessment criteria (GAC) and site specific screening values (SSSVs) Assessment of SPOSH


We employ leading environmental specialists who have the knowledge and experience to deal with these technically complex issues and can be relied on to apply appropriate methodologies and avoid the use of ‘black box’ solutions that are so often wrongly applied in the industry.

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