Environmental Permitting Waste

Under the Environmental Permitting (EP) Regulations (2010), the development of a conceptual model and the preparation of environmental risk assessments are required for all sites prior to a permit being issued.


The following risk assessments must be included in an application for an Environmental Permit.

  • Hydrogeological risk assessment
  • Landfill gas risk assessment
  • Nuisance and health risk assessment (including an assessment of particulate matter, noise, dust, odour and vermin)
  • Ecological assessment (if the site is close to a European Habitats site)
  • Stability risk assessment


ESI, now part of Stantec, provides support in preparing applications, reviewing permit conditions, evaluating the success of sites in achieving compliance criteria and negotiating permit issues with regulatory authorities. With extensive experience across all types of waste disposal sites, including hazardous, non-hazardous and inert landfills, we are proficient in coordinating the preparation of applications, including the environmental permit for a landfill.


Engineering and operating requirements can be developed using risk assessments to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness, avoiding unnecessary complications while ensuring environmental protection.

Services: Environmental Permitting Waste

We offer the following services to support environmental permits for waste management sites:

  • Collection and analysis of data to inform environmental assessments and planning documents Preparation of environmental permit applications
  • Review and negotiation of permit conditions, based on site characteristics and monitoring data Environmental permit appeals, including expert witness services
  • Expert advice and guidance on current regulations and legal requirements

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