Controlled Water and Ecological Risk Assessment

Many landowners, site operators and developers have a legal requirement to demonstrate that legacy land quality issues or ongoing site activities do not pollute controlled waters (e.g. rivers and aquifers) and the wider environment. Local authorities have a duty to identify land that has the potential to cause pollution of controlled waters and ensure that it is remediated to an appropriate standard.


Our team of hydrogeologists and environmental consultants will steer a course through the technically complex issues to help:

  • Provide a clear understanding of groundwater flow and transport to assist all stakeholders resolve issues regarding potential pollution of controlled waters
  • Ensure that controlled waters issues do not delay site development
  • Ensure that proposed developments will be protective of controlled waters
  • Assist permitting processes
  • Quantify environmental liabilities
  • Provide flexibility for site-specific remediation objectives, including robust justification for no action where appropriate

Services: Controlled Water and Ecological Risk

  • Conceptual modelling to support risk assessment for controlled waters
  • Identification of source-pathway-receptor linkages (potential pollutant linkages)
  • Modelling approaches including the environment agency’s Remedial Targets
  • Methodology, RBCA, RISC4 , CONSIM and RAM
  • Development of bespoke spreadsheet solutions for non-standard conceptual site models
  • Development of remedial targets that are protective of controlled waters and the wider environment

We recognise that risk assessment and management involve complex perceptions, policy issues and social factors as well as purely technical ones, and it is important to maintain close dialogue with all stakeholders in order to ensure a successful conclusion.