Contaminant Transport Modelling

We have one of the most powerful contaminant transport modelling teams in the UK. We bring the combined skills of our quantitative hydrogeologists and contaminated land specialists to bear on complex groundwater contamination problems with great effect. Our clients benefit from greater certainty regarding liabilities, innovative strategies for remediation and robust justification for minimising clean-up costs.


Our groundwater modelling is being used more frequently as a water resources management tool to answer questions relating to sustainable development of water resources, such as how to achieve optimal development of groundwater resources without compromising the environmental water needs of wetlands, springs and rivers.


Groundwater models can lead to an improved understanding of how real aquifer systems behave and can be used to make predictions about the system’s present and future behaviour.


In order to produce a groundwater model that can be used as a reliable management tool, it is essential that it be based on a thorough understanding of how the hydrogeological system behaves: the conceptual model. Conceptual model development requires the thorough analysis of all the relevant data, and any interrelationships between them. This will typically involve the integration of geological, meteorological, river flow, groundwater level and quality data, which is translated, via the conceptual model, into a reliable and robust numerical model.

Services: Contaminant Transport Modelling

  • We specialise in the application of groundwater modelling, risk assessment and quantitative hydrogeological techniques to water resources and contaminated land projects. We have applied these skills on a large number of projects which have all delivered technically robust groundwater models that have been used to provide answers to important water resource questions faced by our clients
  • We have one of the strongest, specialist teams in quantitative hydrogeology in the UK. Our modelling team is focussed on one location to optimise the availability of these skills within our staff pool
  • We have worked with the Environment Agency, UK water companies and large quarry operators to develop a wide variety of groundwater models, both to manage water resources, and to determine the degree to which potential pollution sources affect the groundwater system

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