We provide groundwater risk assessment and groundwater modelling services to the civil engineering industry through our large team of groundwater scientists.


Our team has delivered technical support to the teams planning and developing some of the most significant civil engineering and dewatering projects in the UK, including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Croydon Tunnel and the Stonehenge Tunnel.


We have one of the largest and most technically capable quantitative hydrogeological teams in the UK, with a strong international profile, particularly in the Middle East. We consistently deliver technically robust groundwater models that are used to provide practical answers to the important water resource questions faced by our clients.


Dewatering Predictions

Most major infrastructure projects require some degree of dewatering, often in highly sensitive urban or rural environments. Energy costs of dewatering are significant operational factors, with environmental constraints often critical to scheme feasibility. Careful design of dewatering schemes is essential.


Accurately quantifying the rate of inflow to excavations and the effect on nearby groundwater levels and stream flows are crucial. We advise clients on appropriate strategies to manage these risks, using our quantitative skills together with a practical approach based on hands-on experience.


Groundwater Modelling

We have one of the largest and most technically capable groundwater modelling teams in the UK and consistently deliver technically robust models to provide practical answers to issues of:

  • Borehole yield
  • Tunnel dewatering
  • Quarry dewatering
  • Climate change
  • Saline intrusion
  • Groundwater contamination


Environmental Impact Assessment

We have carried out impact assessments for some of the largest dewatering schemes in the UK. Working closely with our clients, we determine the most appropriate level of assessment required for each site, providing a robust, timely and cost effective solution.


Risk Assessment

Sources of groundwater risk include potential linkages created from shallow contaminated land into deeper aquifers and also risks of tunnelling and grouting materials.


We have a unique track record in both flow and contaminant transport modelling, allowing us to investigate and quantify these risks and develop appropriate mitigation measures. Our strong regulator relationships enables us to work effectively in obtaining the relevant permissions.


Data Management

Major civil engineering projects require monitoring of the surrounding environment, often generating large amounts of data that require regular review. We have a strong track record in designing, installing and operating large monitoring systems, including telemetry systems with action levels and alarms.

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