Catchment Management

We provide catchment management services as part of a portfolio of environmental services to the water industry, government and third sector organisations.


Through the approach of developing strategic partnerships with specialist consultants we are able to deliver robust and practical advice on all aspects of catchment management. Leading guidance is provided on the mitigation of rural and urban diffuse pollution impacts, water resource planning and flood mitigation.

Key Features of our Catchment Management Service

  • The largest multi-disciplinary team dealing with catchment management in the UK
  • Careful consideration of all environmental uncertainties by relevant specialists
  • Agricultural advice focused around an in-depth understanding of on-farm economics
  • Clear advice on feasibility, timescales and effectiveness of mitigation measures
  • A wide range of simple to sophisticated, but effective, modelling approaches
  • Considerable experience of hydrogeology and groundwater management in all UK aquifers
  • Experience in cost benefit assessments of catchment management measures
  • Expertise in water quality forecasting to support catchment planning

Please contact us for more information on our Catchment Management service.