Borehole Design and Installation

Boreholes are installed for a variety of purposes including groundwater monitoring, site investigation and groundwater abstraction.


Within groundwater abstraction there are yet further more specific purposes including public or private water supply, dewatering, ground source energy (GSE), geothermal and injection (soakaway enhancement).

The right design cuts short and long term costs

Getting the borehole design right at the outset can prevent years of unpredictable and inadequate performance which can incur high maintenance and rehabilitation costs. We have extensive experience of designing and supervising the drilling, installation and testing of boreholes, including within challenging geological environments, for the above abstraction purposes. We have developed relationships with a number of drilling contractors in order to provide a strong and reliable team for the design and construction of supply boreholes. Close regulator liaison to obtain the appropriate consents and permits can also be crucial, especially in keeping the programme of works to schedule. ESI have well established relationships with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales across England and Wales


Our work with major UK water companies reliant on groundwater, such as Severn Trent, United Utilities, and Thames Water, provides our team with a strong understanding of issues that are vital for borehole design. Our extensive and long-standing water resource work and our highly skilled team of hydrogeologists mean that we have a very good understanding of the wider issues within an aquifer and can advise on appropriate siting.

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