13 Sep Launching Our New Core Values


In 2017 we asked our team what they thought our core values should be. We invited all our employees to help us identify a new set of values through a series of collaborative activities.

We are delighted now to be able to announce our new core values. We believe these five values truly reflect the way we interact with our clients, our partners, and with each other.

These core values define us and are integral to our organisation, they guide everything we do and express what we aspire to be.

Safety and wellbeing
At the heart of everything we do is our approach to safety and wellbeing.

Investing in people
We value individual development as key to reaching our full potential.

We respect the environment by considering it in everything we do.

Technical excellence through innovation drives our business.

Building relationships delivers the best service to our colleagues, clients and industry partners.

If you would like to find out more about ESI and our core values please do not hesitate to contact us.