25 Sep GV7 is Here

With the recent release of the latest version of Groundwater Vistas software, we take a look at what’s new in Groundwater Vistas 7.


GV7 is hereGroundwater Vistas (GV) is one of the leading 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling software tools. This latest version, released in August, is offered across 4 varying levels – Standard, Advanced, Professional & Premium, each with ascending levels of simulation, support and problem-solving.
The updated version offers a variety of new features for users, including:

  • 64-bit Version now available in Standard mode with size limitations.
  • Support for new model versions, including MT3D-USGS, MODPATH Version 7, MODFLOW-Surfact Version 4 and PEST Version 14 (with BEOPEST).
  • Standard Mode now supports MODFLOW-USG in normal grids.
  • MODFLOW-USG option to only use active cells for significant runtime reduction.
  • Combine nested and Quadtree grids in same model with MODFLOW-USG. Support for Triangular and Voronoi grids (Professional and Premium modes only).


Download our brochure to see full details on the GV7 product. Upgrade discounts are available if GV6 was purchased in 2017.

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