13 Mar Case Study: Keeping Biscuits Crunchy not Soggy

United Biscuits, part of the pladis group, asked us to support the design of a flood defence to protect their Carlisle factory, which was seriously flooded during Storm Desmond in 2015.  

United Biscuits Groundwater Flooding Assessment CarlisleWe were commissioned to work with the design team, to investigate and assess the ground conditions and provide a technical underpinning so that insurance cover could be extended, following the completion and commissioning of the defence scheme.

The project was undertaken on a very tight timescale, requiring completion between the re-opening of the factory in January 2016 and the start of the following winter.

As the ground conditions would determine the scheme design, our work was on the critical path. We delivered a bespoke hydrological model from borehole monitoring to determine the role of groundwater as a factor in the extent of the 2015 flood event.

Collaboration with the design team was key to the success of the project. Delivering near-real time results and rapid data processing ensured we could meet deadlines while assessments were ongoing.

We delivered a revised geological model for the site, updating previously published mapping and gaining unique insight on the character of the aquifer, and its relationship with the ground surface within the factory confines.

Value to the Client

Delivery of the scheme was critical to the future of the facility, which is one of Carlisle’s major employers.  The ongoing site flood risk meant that a lack of satisfactory protection in the future questioned its long term viability in its current location.

The core value to our client lay in delivery of the scheme to timescale which will protect the factory against future flood events to the size of 2015. Our technical underpinning satisfied their insurer’s requirements, ensuring uninterrupted insurance cover for the facility ahead of the following winter period.

Biscuits, income and workforce productivity were also more assured!

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We are also pleased to announce that this project has recently been shortlisted in the Geoenvironmental Project of the Year category of the 2017 Ground Engineering Awards.

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